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Why You Need To Get It Right
The First Time

1) PR application fees range from AUD $2000-4000 depending on your circumstances. These fees are NOT refundable, and you will lose the entire amount if your application is unsuccessful.

2) If you decide to submit an appeal, you will be hit with more hefty, non-refundable fees. As of last year the appeal fee is AUD $1540, which is an unnecessary waste of money if you get it right the first time.

3) Even if you can afford to appeal, you might not be legally entitled to do so, as every application is unique and not everyone is allowed to appeal their rejection. Sometimes you won’t even get a second chance.

4) Once your application has been rejected the first time, it’s nearly impossible to tweak or change your details when reapplying. All your previous records are stored by the Australian government, to cross reference for any inconsistent or contradicting claims made by you in a new application.

(Note: If you’ve already been rejected once, then we’re sorry there’s only so much we can do for you. But if you’re reading this and you haven’t submitted your PR application yet, then the good news is we can still help you ensure a good outcome.)


Don't Take Our Word For It

“After graduating from an Australian university, I stayed on and got a job that I really loved. After a few years I wanted to make Australia home and decided to apply for permanent residency. I took the free assessment and point system test, got some professional advice and decided to let them handle my visa application. They really knew the ropes well, and guided me throughout the entire process, always available to answer any inquiries I had. Highly recommended!”

Adrielle Wong

“I own a traditional massage spa and need skilled employees from abroad every few months on a rotating basis. Every time I applied for a visa, I had to go through a long and confusing application process, not always with a successful outcome. Finally, I decided to do some research  for help and got to this website. Now, I just let them take charge of all my employee’s visa applications, knowing that the outcome is more or less guaranteed. Australia permanent residency has my vote of confidence!”

Jim Mollina

“I tried to be economical by applying for permanent residency on my own, but after getting rejected after a long wait, I knew I should let an agent look over my documents. As it turned out, I had missed out some key papers. This time I let Australia Permanent Residency put my application together. I was informed of my application’s progress throughout, and had a wonderful outcome. If I had picked them first, I would have saved myself a lot of money and time!

Muhammed Hafiz

Why Choose Us To Handle Your Case

  • Flat fees, No hidden costs - The entire visa application procedure is managed by us. You will know exactly what you are paying for the entire process.
  • Quick, Economical and Stress-free - By keeping the visa application process simple, we reduce the load on our customers, whilst ensuring all applications are completed on time
  • Committed Consultants on hand - Our professional consultants are on hand during your entire application process, from the free assessment to the visa application, to ensure that your application is smooth.
  • Continuous Case Progress Information and Support - Each client is provided with ongoing support and information of the progress of the application. Our high standards in client servicing is what makes us the market leaders.